I need help finding the right bag!!


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Dec 12, 2007
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I have a very small tamrac backpack. It barely fits my 30d, 28-135mm lens, 28-90mm lens, 70-300mm lens, and my rebel k2, with a few filters, film, lens caps, and a few other small items. It's really uncomfortable to walk around with for extended periods of time. It's terrible for quick access. I have to stop and find some where to set it down to take things out otherwise everything will come flying out and i can't afford that. I need a bag that will allow me to carry a decent amount of gear comfortably, and have easy access to all of the gear inside. I've tried walking around with both cameras on so i wouldn't have to change lenses but that is very uncomfortable after about an hour. does anyone have any suggestions.
Check out the Lowepro Slingshot series. Quick access, reasonably comfortable, weatherproof, well thought out.

Wish it had better support though. Not very suitable for long walks with loads of gear.
yea i need something like that, i was looking at those in my local ritz but i couldn't find one that would hold everything i like to carry. I really need something i can carry for hours. I carry my tripod with me almost everywhere now, i feel like i'm over doing it but i just hate changing lenses in the woods and outside. which is why i like having both cameras set up with the 2 lenses i use most. i guess one might work if i carried one camera around my neck the whole time but if it rains i'd be in some trouble.
Don't know whether you can find them your side of the pond, but you might want to check out something like a Billingham - not cheap, but very reliable and a lot of pros use them, which must say something.
I have a little Tamrac Expedition 3 backpack. I have the same complaints. Uncomfortable, a PITA to get stuff out etc. Somebody earlier recommended a Lowepro Nova 5. It looks like a decent bag. I definitely need to upgrade.
Well the problem you are (and you already are) going to run into is that bags designed to hold alot of gear are generally not going to give you easy quick access. I really don't think it is totally possible depending on what you carry to do what you want.
Take a look at the lowpro nova 5 aw. Where i am it was $75 and it holds a pretty good about of gear, and its a side bag not backpack so relatively quick access and even a really nice pretty decently padded shoulder strap.
sweet..i'll check everything out, but it seems like i might have to settle for a larger backpack. I looked at the nova 5, I don't think it would be comfortable for a long hike, and that's what I normally do when I go out to take pictures.
Yeah it wouldnt be great for a hike, try checking out the i believe its tamrac adventure pack 9. That thing is HUGE!
it looks like the lowepro slingshot 300 AW might work out perfectly. I'm going to have to find a store nearby so I can check it out, but i think i found the bag. thanks for all the help.
There never seems to be a perfect bag. Backpacks are good (or required) for long hikes etc...but they are a PITA to access. I especially don't like how mine (Lowepro Computrekker AW) has to be set down and opened up, to get anything out.
You can fit plenty of stuff in a box shaped shoulder bag...and it's easy to access...but a pain to carry.
A friend of mine has the Slingshot 300 and it looks pretty good. It has a pretty good waist belt to accompany the main strap, so it should be good for long hikes. Access is much easier than a backpack, which is the point of the slingshot bags...but I'm still not sold on the layout. Some of the stuff is easy to get, while some of it is buried at the bottom. Still might be the best option.
yea i've been looking for a new bag for close to two months now. I still can't settle on anything, but so far the slingshot 300 seems to be closer to what i'm looking for. I might just fabricate one myself. I've made custom panniers for my bicycle that turned out pretty awesome. I'd just have to find the right fabrics for the interior. Any suggestions? I'm not sure what they use for the interior on most bags. I know padding is a must, and will be my top priority. I'm just really indecisive right now. I know exactly what i want, but can't find it.
The interior is usually just nylon. The padding is just some form of foam with nylon covers and Velcro is sewn on the inside of the bag and on the pieces so that it can be customized.
I ended up getting the Lowepro Photo Trekker AW II. It is a large backpack, but it holds everything I need. I have two bodies with grips, one Canon 5D with a 16-35 L attached, and one Canon 30D with a 70-200 2.8L IS attached. I also take about 6 flashes with me. I also have room for my 24-70mm 2.8L, 24-105mm 2.8L, and 4 pocketwizards. I also have room for modifiers in the bad as well. It is heavy as hell, but it comes with plenty of straps for long hauls that make it much more comfortable. I love the bag. It is a bit pricey but I think worth is because I can carry everything without killing myself.

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