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New Camera Bag!!!


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Aug 4, 2007
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Grand Rapids, Michigan.
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Just got a new camera bag and its amazing, the lowpro nova 5 aw is what it is. Very spacy and a nice cushiony shoulder strap. Just thought id say its a great bag and highly recommend it (plus im just excited lol).
Congrats on the bag. I have two Lowepros and will likely get another on the next purchase.
how much does it fit? two lenses? one? question to the OP. . .
Yeah its pretty spacey, pretty much what the website says, maybe a little less if you have a couple big lenses. They have a nice thing where there is a place for a small lens, a divider on top of it, and on top of the divider a place for another small lens. So if you have lots of small primes wide angles or normal zooms and only 1 or 2 telephotos you could probably fit em all. Oh also it has lots of extra pockets for accessories and yes room for 2 dslrs.

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