I need some brainstorming help!


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Aug 29, 2010
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I know there are a series of liquor loving people here, and I hope you might be able to help me. Everyone else that enjoy a good party, I rely on you as well! :)

Soo, the bar committee has this internal party in a few weeks. The theme is "without clothes". This does not mean nudity ( ), but rather that we are to don anything BUT clothes. That may be a sweater of CDs, pants of news papers and all that stuff.

My problem is....what the heck to wear?? It's pretty cold here, around 10 cold ones at the night.....that means -10 degrees Celsius. I think 0 degrees Celsius is 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can do the maths yourself ;)

My plan B is to wear a quilt cover (was that correct? The thing we put on the stuff we use in bed...on the covers...what the heck do you call that??). It's quite boring, but if I can't come up with anything else, I'll don my tiger quilt cover.

Any ideas, folks? :hugs:
Now we're thinking!

I can't imagine tyst being comfortable, though...
Duvet is the word you are looking for.
How many lens caps can you collect by then?
Can't believe I forgot about this thread. Only 6 days to go.

I currently own three, sparky, so if I am rational here, I can could probably utilize all three to cover up the sausage. If we add the rear lens caps to the county, then I could also cover up some other major buzzkill areas.

Let's call that plan C ;)
Print some nice large sized glossies of 'your sausage' and your 'bum' and affix to a low slung belt on your hip like a loin-cloth...front and back.

Then post the party pictures here!!!

Go with a huge leaf. And show off the butt. Nice Adam and Eve pose. Maybe you'll find an Eve.
You wish, GeorgieGirl!

And the Adam thing probably won't work, mainly because I'm not that guy ;) Also, it's pretty cold here, and I will be walking for 30 minutes to get th the vors! And I don't have an emergency blanket. I do have some really really ugly curtains, though.

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