I need to relax ( need advice)


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Jun 16, 2010
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I need to relax ( need advice)
I am going into boston tommorow night and i want to shoot the city from a high parking garage
what should i use for setting i know trial and error and im just going over it in my head and getting my brain all worked up

should i shoot in a 100-200 Iso with a 5 second or so shutter? with a low f like 5.6-8 or something like that?
if you have a tripod, and youre able to keep the cam still, theres no need to up your iso...
that is if you dont mind trails from anything moving (cars planes etc)

if you want the cool star effect on light sources, crank your ap up there (16-22?)

should be pretty windy tonight, so you might get some really nice moving cloud effects.

good luck!
post results :thumbup:
thanks DUDE i will post them up for sure!!!

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