I Photographed Who?


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Apr 8, 2007
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Norfolk, VA.
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Hey... I was just on a thread I started and a question for the "class" popped into my head. The reason for this post was because of a reply that mentioned Kat Von D, a tattoo artist that has her own show "L.A. Ink". I'd like to give that portrait a shot. I have others but I'll post them later.

Who [or what] would you like to photograph if given a chance?
Hey I was talking about her several weeks ago!

I would like to photograph the earth, from the moon. Earth Rise.
Wish I had a years time just to photograph the landscapes and wildlife of Iceland
Right now I would love to photograph Brown Bears and Polar Bears in the wild. The problem is, I am torn between spending the $10K it would cost to get a few once-in-a-lifetime pictures or using that money to build an office/studio.

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