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Apr 19, 2003
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Pasco, WA
I will not tell you that I'm 46, that I spent 11 years in the Marine Corps, that I'm overweight, my youngest son is getting married next month, I've been married 27 years (do the math, I was a child), that I've been a cook in a fast food restaurant, a air traffic controller, a radiological control technician and supervisor, started a business, nearly went bankrupt, worked a K-Mart, went back to being in RadCon, occasionally take pictures, mess around on the computer when I should be mowing the lawn.

I'm lazy, opinionated, suffer from terminal procrastination, have a short attention span and a narrower interest span, collect silly stuff (six versions of the same knife?), am generous to a fault, don't play well with others, like to be in charge, have a problem with authority figures, have an attitude problem, hate my job, will work 6 hours trying to get out of 45 minutes worth of work, can't type for squat, am in love with the mirror- but can't stand pictures of myself, hate run-on sentences like this one, am writing this in the hopes it annoys somebody because I'm up already and didn't get any damn sleep and will have to nap later.

I hate people that drive slow in the fast lane or fast in the slow lane. I love sunrises & sunsets, but seldom see both in the same day. I'm a control freak, thus I love the power I gain over my subject through photography. I'm a smartass, which in my mind is better than being a dumbass by leaps and bounds. My wife says it's a good thing I'm cute or I'd be dead already, but I think that may be wishful thinking on her part.

And I never post in these silly "Hi, my name is Biff and I play in a 50's rock band" kinda threads. So there! :p
jim... no one, not even the best speakers in the world, could have said it better. And in my opinion, its an honor to know someone as awesome as you....dude. :)

Great stuff Jim and glad you're a member of this site.
Thanks for all your help and input, keep it up!
One question....what was your specialty in the Marines?
I think we may exhibit some similar traits so remember the old motto:
Procrastinate Now!
Sid- I was an Ammo Tech and Air Traffic Controller in the Corps.

And I thought it was "Procrastinate Later!" :D

Thanks Jim, ever thought of going back into ATC for a living?
I'm told there's good bucks in it if you can stand the stress.
BTW, the worst procrastinator I ever knew had his answering machine programmed to answer: "Procrastinators club...will you hold?"
Just thought I'd mention it.
Nope, FAA won't hire you after you turn 30 & that's a fair bit behind me. Besides, talking to airplanes gets boring unless you're trying to kill somebody, which for some reason really upsets people. :wink:

Making almost that kinda money now with no stress at all. Sucks, but I can't argue with the money. :)

Great answering machine message!


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