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Jun 8, 2010
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Cedar Hill, Missouri, USA
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Been practicing some people shots. Please let me know what you think. How could I make them better?


#1 - "Resistance is futile"

#2 - "Open up"

#3 - "Washing hands"

#4 - "That's enough"
2,3,4 a little cold? I like 1 & 3
I expected to see gore here.... perhaps some people will be disappointed when opening this thread?

Just kidding, so...
These pictures do great for a family album, but for portrait photography, well... I like the first one and the second one would be my fav, if not for the out of focus region and the empty space on top.
I only like number 1, collective-conscious Borg are awesome....

The rest are cool and all but they seem more like the types of photos that only the photographer would truly appreciate...all though number two comes close to being a nice one as well...
People are hard, I've found out. Capturing expressions, while composing the image, while making sure you'll have proper exposure... phew! My hat's off to you guys and gals that do portrait photography!

Anything I could do to improve them? A different angle, more/less light, burn them (lol)?
#3 and #4 you have way too much of the mommy??? cut off...that's about all I can give you for a critique...

keep practicing...I see where you are going with these...of course the most promising one IMHO is the second photo...her bear and fingers are cut off though....for some reason or another...most humans don't like photos that cut people off at the joints, the jaw and the face...almost anywhere else seems to be fine though...
Portrait photographers don't care (well they're not always concerned about it) about exposure. So shouldn't you.
Switch to Aperture priority, have your flash ready and shoot with partial metering on your lenses lowest f number, increasing it when the light allows. This should keep you on your feet for an average correctly colored and exposed photo. Keeping your central AF point on the subjects eye will pump a classically framed portrait. AFAIK
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They're from the same perspective. (yours) Different angles?

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