I started my 52 week project today....


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Mar 21, 2009
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Pembroke Pines, FL
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AB800 Camera Left w/ 30 degree grid @ 1/4
SB-900 behind me @ 1/4

52 week Project starts now.


My kids love playing with this Abacus. I have twin boys that are a little over 19 months old. They have tons of toys but they seem to fight over this thing the most. So after they went to sleep I decided to use it for my project. Just 4 more pieces to go and I think I beat this thing!
This is a great idea. I'm just starting my own biz and this is a great way to keep my creative juices flowing.
I am going to be starting a creative blog today where every week I post a new theme. Maybe you guys can join in weekly and share your creative ideas.
good idea, keep the themes different.
It was a good photo too. Love the idea is it for school or personal development?
Thank you! This is for personal development. Just something to keep my creative juices flowing. I don't want my work to become stagnant over time.

great idea.
Thank you!

I love your expression in this, awesome. :)
Thank you!

good idea, keep the themes different.

Thank you! Yes every week I will post a different theme.
Added to RSS feed.
Thanks Supraman! I just finished adding this weeks theme. I hope you can partake in this weeks challenge and I hope that anyone who reads this thread could take part in this as well!

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