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Nov 7, 2007
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ok so i recognize that i suck at this. i just started today and a few hours ago i didn't know what an aperture was (it still takes me a second to think about it). anyway, these are 3 of the first pictures i took today. any criticism is welcome, just don't be too mean :(




thanks guys and gals
i really like #2

well done on that one.

the first one could possibly be better imo taken a little bit further towards your face

the 3rd doesnt do it for me
Welcome to the forums! :) Being a beginner is no crime and I'm sure everyone here will do their best to answer your questions and give constructive criticism of your photographs.
With the huge amount of automation on modern cameras, you don't have to worry so much about aperture and shutter speed at the moment, although you will have to know them well if you want to take your photography to the next level. If you want to improve your photography, I would suggest learning about light and composition. I recommend books by Bryan F. Peterson and John Hedgecoes's "The Complete Guide to Photography". The latter is a little old (no digital) but I like this because it focuses on the photo rather than buttons and switches.
Keep shooting!
The one thing I noticed most about the 2nd and 3rd shots, is the white balance seems to be off, a lot.
I don't have a whole lot to contribute...but that figure in #2 looks like something out of Pompeii. I swear that was the penis-lovingest culture I've ever seen!
I say those are pretty good to be first shots!...you should see my first pics,very bad indeed.Yours are really good and i like them all.
white balance is the main technical issue in all three shots I think.

Oh, how can you take a picture of both of your hands BTW? ;)
Hey everyone - thanks a lot for the feedback, I really appreciate it.
There seems to be a consensus on a problem with white balancing, which I promise to figure out how to do today.

Haha, it's not out of Pompeii, it's out of my bedroom. It's actually a miniature of the ancient Egyptian fertility god.

And now that you mention it, those hands look pretty strange. It's actually mine and my girlfriend's hands clasped together... we have really similar skin tones though, so you can only really tell by looking at the nails. I never noticed that before :p

Thanks again everyone - if you have any more comments or critiques, don't be bashful :)
Oh, how can you take a picture of both of your hands BTW? ;)
yeah that's a good question, my guess is a self timer and holding the camera strap in your teeth...... and using the distance scales to focus?.......... good question.
I would have liked more of the hookah in the last one they tend to be pieces of art in and of themselves.
OK so I tried to take some of your advice and I started to learn about white balancing. It's amazing to me what a difference it makes. Here are the results:


getting there .. white balance wise, but the last one seems very underexposed. That said, it is not easy to get an allmost all-black object illuminated in a way that you see all its structure and detail.

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