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May 25, 2003
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What did I do wrong? I was paranoid taking these for one because there was security everywhere. I only had it set on Aperture Priority cause I was too scared to muck around with the speed. Had it set at 5.6
I should have been more worried about speed cause he was jumping around right?
My U2 pics turned out so good and they were with a bloody point and shoot!!!! I was a lot closer for them however....
Tyler, how much do I suck? :(


The concert was AWESOME HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D




They actually look pretty cool.

Looks to me as if the shutter speed was simply too slow.
exposure, timing, and composition look great. shutter lag caused the trippin' double vision. should've opened her up as far as she would go (2.8 on your lens?).
I agree that the pictures did come out pretty cool looking, but I know how it feels to go for a clear pictlure and get that. I think that you were on the right track with using aperture priority like you did. I think the best hope for the situation would be pre shoot consideration. What speed film were you using? I'd say get some like 1600 or 3200 and things will turn out a lot better. Cuz you can't really do much if thats how they turned out w/ the aperture as low as it'd go.
you guys are too lovely
i just had hoped for them to have been a lot sharper
i guess being closer would have been a better option but i didnt get there in time to get up the front and im too short to stand in the crowd. i would have had shots of backs of heads.
maybe im just spoiled because i want them all to turn out like this..


and yes lucky i did enjoy the show. i made a promise to myself to only take a few so I could enjoy the show. i had an awesome time, best gig ive seen in a LONG time. i thought coldplay were going to be pretty mellow, but they surprised me, they went off!!!
thanks for your advice guys.
Hey Manda....the pics don't look that bad and a little Photoshop could work wonders.
I like the last one as it is...looks good!
Just think,you made some good shots,learned a lot and had a fun time...what more do you want?
closer would have helped, its hard from a distance because lighting is constantly changing, if you are using the concert lighting, go with wide aperture... as wide as you can get... but they aren't bad... and rockstars suck.. they should encourage pictures not have security watch for cameras.

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