I think I bought the wrong camera

G'day Jim

I don't want to pooh-pooh your choice, but I tend to agree that "any camera without a viewfinder is not really going to cut-the-mustard as the old saying goes"

However, may I suggest that you look into the Panasonic FZ-300 as a possible replacement--especially if budget considerations come into the equation. I have one and use it regularly for out-and-about / bushwalking stuff and it suits me -- and so might suit you too :)

Yes it is a 'bridge' camera with 24x zoom (24 to 600mm in film camera terms) and a Constant Aperture F2,8 lens thru the whole zoom range. Panny have kept it to 12mpx to minimise noise issues from the small sensor

It has full P-A-S-M options as one expects from a 'decent' camera, EVF eye-piece as well as live-view options, Cost in US is around $450 I believe

Having something like this would save you the weight & hassle of carrying / swapping lenses as you go

Hope this helps
I agree and I really miss the viewfinder but coupling a rangefinder with a zoom adds cost. I was interested in a Fugifilm xf Or something its about $400. But I read about issues with lens activation and a rather goofy turning on mechanism. The Canon 360 is a 20 mp sensor. It needs a viewfinder and PSAM control and a command dial.

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