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Jun 29, 2007
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So, I have been playing around with my new camera, and of course took well over 500 pictures since last weekend. I think I caught a few good shots over the Christmas Holiday. These have not had any post processing done, so if you feel like editing them, feel free. Please give me some pointers, critique, criticism, praise.... I'll take anything. I'm really ready to start rolling with photography now....

1) My daughter and her great-grandmother....I think I am going to print this and frame it for my grandmother.

2) My daughter and step-daughter

3) My best friend's daughter - can anyone get rid of the apple juice stain on her shirt????
first one, my hands-down favorite of these. I like everything about it.
#1 is a very good photo of your daughter. However, I would think twice to print as is for my grandmother because I'm sure she would like to be fully focused as well. Just a thought.
Thank you for the input. I think I like #1 because it is as if my grandmother is admiring my daughter as she has her picture taken.... not that it was a picture of the two of them together.
If someone has the time and feels like playing with post processing, please take the first photo and touch it up. I feel like it needs a little more sharpness and that my daughter's eyes need to pop out more, but I have NO idea how to do that yet.
Had a quick go with a touch of editing on photo #1. I'm no photoshop pro though, so didn't do anything drastic. Hopefully it will look ok, sometimes when i post photos online the colour profiles makes them look really strange. Oh well, here goes ... :)


Nice photos btw ! :D
Thank you very much brandon... I think that is what I was looking for.
I hope this doesnt come off as rude, but I think grandma could use some teeth-whitening, her teeth are almost the same color as her shirt. I just think it's distracting.

but not SUPER white then it might be even more of a distraction.

(if I knew how to do this in PS I would, sorry.)
I know a lot of grandmas would love this photo as many of them dont like their picture taken... This is a great alternative.

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