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May 18, 2012
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All I need is someone who is definitely not a graphic designer to help me with a watermark. Or should I just slap one together myself?


This stuff is easy! Anyone can do it!

ETA: Another one:

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That second shot is adorable
Congrats on the new baby!

Hey...I left town for five days, and youse guyz went and had a bebe??????? Whaaaaat? How did that happen?

Yes, I would go with a big, cursive font, with your business name, and also YOUR name below, in apprx. 72 point type. All in red script, so it's really curly and hard to clone out. Now THAT'll fix 'em!!! Heh,heh,heh. I'm so happy the baby was not born with a full beard. I was worried...
What? No selective coloring?

Both are cute shots - congrat's again.
Aww Goochie Gooochie Goo. Beautiful baby.
That second shot is adorable

That one actually looks marketable. Moms love the super pale overdone white vignette look. Slap together your own watermark and then have some one vector it so you can resize it easily without altering in badly.
Do you have a facebook page?

Congrats man!
The chopped leg in the first image kills it for me but the second one is a nice surprise! Congrats on joining the ranks of Fatherhood...Mark my words, you life will never feel as rewarding. (between moments of torturous pain)

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