I want to start macro photography? lens?


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May 15, 2010
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I`m thinking of buying a macro lens. Would it be better if I buy it in Hong Kong (is it cheaper there?) and I`m thinking of getting the 100mm f/2.8 USM or the newer verion with IS.
Im asking if it`s worth spending 400$ for IS? and what other advantages does it have?

Are there any other macro lenses i should consider?:razz:
The IS does help as far as image quality from what I have read there is not much difference I am in the same boat with you as I am debating between the two. Right now though I think I will just go the Non IS Version. I am a Tripod freak and would use it anyways so it will save me 500 bucks or so. Plus I have used the non IS version and know it does awesome shots. Still IS would be nice and the weather sealing and... AHHHH! lol Good luck
You might be a tripod freak but I`m not.. xD
Although IS wouldn't help that much when your taking pictures of insects or flowers since they move, a slow shutter speed would not be used. right?
I`m also somehow after the weathersealing of the IS version.

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