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I was looking through some old Flickr Photo's CC


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Aug 26, 2010
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Olive Hill, Ky
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I found an older landscape shot that I took. This was at Grayson lake and I actually really liked the shot when I took it. Now I still like it, but the PP I did made some noise around the center. I think it's because I had just watched a tutorial on making skies look better by using radial gradients. Anyway it's fun to look back on older stuff. What do you guys think?

Grayson Lake by Blake Oney Photography, on Flickr
Radial gradiant? Never saw that before. I use linear gradiant fill layer overlay and you can move it up to the sky or down to the foreground as well, just like an actual cokin grad ND filter plate. You can use black white or gray for effect, or also add or enhance color by adding blue or cyan etc. You can also use multi colored grads to really tweak a sunset or even fake a sunset on some nice clouds.

I do like your shot though.
I like it, though it's a smidge too saturated for my taste and the bottom is a little dark. Seems like a pretty place, as well. Mind saying where it was at?
Grayson Lake in Grayson, Ky.

Taylor - I use linear or grad filters in ACR now. This was just at a time that I was watching a lot of tutorial and tried it out. I wish I still had the RAW file because I think I could make it a lot better now, but ah well.

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