i was procrastinating, and this is what i did


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Oct 4, 2009
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i am actually still procrastinating. i have a paper due tommorrow, but instead i took this picture of myself in the refraction of a drop of water that i placed. if your wondering about the expression i was about to sneeze. i did time it like that.

neat idea, although the big black spot in the background (Your mouth?) is rather distracting.
yeah the black spot is my mouth, there wasn't all that much i could do about it. it wasn't that great of framing, cause i was sneezing
Super cool. I've seen hearts and clovers and flowers on water drops, but nothing funny like this.
thanks guys! it actually earned me some bonus points on my paper, because i turned this in with the paper. So basically they are endorsing procrastination.
NICE!!! hahaha
Dude, I love it! Such a wicked shot!! I wish I could do something that nice when I procrastinate as usual.
lol thanks guys, now i just edit photos when im procrastinating, much less exciting...

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