Ideas for chargers, cables, remotes?

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by benhasajeep, Oct 18, 2017.

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    Trying to clean up / orgainize equipment better. Since I have several models of cameras that I still use, I have lots of peripheral equipment. Battery chargers for one. Remote releases, flash cables, extra batteries, lots of memory cards, card readers, etc. Looking for ideas to store them. I have several bags with different equipment in each. So, I don't really want to keep chargers, remotes, memory cards in one specific bag. I want like a central storage idea that I can look and grab and load into a bag that I am taking. And when I return, replace it in specific spot. Instead of searching through different bags to find what I want. I can make just about anything woodworking. But not good at inventing. If I see something I can make it though. I have been to Pinterest and seen a few things but lots of other things come up as well. I have several aa/aaa multi battery chargers, spare camera battery chargers. Was trying to find a way to organize them to a single area so it's neat and cords are not all over the place. Have them on a single power strip that I can just turn off.


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