Identify Antique mystery camera?


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Jul 7, 2013
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Hi guys! I've been lurking on here a while, but a new find from a family member's "black hole" closet made me bite the bullet and join. I'm stumped. I know it LOOKS like a Minolta or Pentax from the 50ish period with that pyramid style top, but the typical place for the brand is labeled only with the model. There's no other identifiers other than "SLR Model P", "Japan" and a 5 digit serial number. The original lens is gone (if it had one), and the Ziess lens on it is a 1952. What on earth IS this thing? I've been googing, Binging and every other search engine I could think of all day but I just can't find it.


Any ideas?
Looks like a non-name ... but I cannot place who makes it.

I keep thinking of names like Topcon, Miranda, Prackita ... etc.
Are there any other "no names" you can think of? Those three don't check out. This thing will be the death of me.
Could it be a Revue variant of a Konika?

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