If all your friends were jumping off a bridge...


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May 17, 2011
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Yes. Yes I would.


For best results, stand 5' from your monitor. This moon thing is kind of testing my practical resolution limits.
..I would set the camera on Continuous High, and try and get a good camera position beneath them about 300 feet away, with my 300/2.8, and my ISO set to around 640, in Matrix Metering mode at f/4...
OHH! The friends jumping of bridges!

That makes much more sense now.
Not in Zambia! Cool contrasts.
Classic shot; however i could hardly decipher the caption :grumpy:

Regards :D

LOL. It's something our mothers say here in the West in reply to the universal teenage excuse: "but all my friends are doing it".

The mother would reply "If all your friends were jumping off a bridge, would you?"

In an attempt to gain some level of satisfaction in this unwinnable battle, the kid will learn to reply "yes" and then slam his or her door shut and sulk for the next two hours while tying up the phone lines.

The joke was that everyone else was taking photos of this blindingly bright moon that has been keeping us all awake at night in hopes of making lemonade ... I mean ... making the best out of the situation :D

(and no offense was taken, I hope freq. i'm assuming that this the joke was lost in translation)

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