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I'm New! --A Few Questions


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Dec 27, 2007
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Hello All,

I'm a starter here. I don't know much about photography outside of having several crappy cameras in the past. Recently I bought a Sony Cybershot W-80. I think it's an alright camera but for some reason I'm not getting much clarity as I thought I would get. Also, should I switch from my Cybershot to the Canon SD1000? Any intro. pointers are appreciated! Thanks, in advance. :wink:
Before I forget, on my Sony W-80 there is a tiny blue dot on the LCD screen. Is this the equivalent of a dead pixel. It has yet to go away so must I assume that it is permanent? The Manual reads that it is perfectly normal, but it also says that small dots pop up on occasion. --I'm confused!
Welcome to TPF.

I can't help you with the your questions, but I'm sure somebody will come along with plenty of P&S experience.

Post a photo so we can have a better idea of your concerns.
nvr heard of haha bt adolan20 will help =)

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