I'm not sure if I even like this one...


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Dec 15, 2007
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Happens all the time, I'm kickn it in my truck when someone comes along and blocks the ocean view. I was already looking for exposure bracketing and generally messing with my camera, so I figured - hey she has her ipod on, why not snap one off? She moved immediately. :lmao:


I really like it, but im not sure I like it either :lmao:

She looks purdy :sexywink: hehe

Seriously, I like it, but I'm a sucker for silhouettes.

Merry xmas.
i find that her leg is at an awkward position, good shot other than that.
If you're not sure then why should we bother? ;~P

I think the pose is wrong. It does seem to be awkward, but more than that it's the positioning of the arms as well. She has created two windows that would have been better served if they we closed (not there). That space is really blown out and is most apparent by the loss of definition in the upper part of her forearm and breast from the silhouette. If this was blocked off, I think you would have a nice shot.
If you're not sure then why should we bother? ;~P

Why did you. BTW - It is not a pose, it is a candid moment, a spontaneous shot. Not every post is an art piece, certainly not mine. I was just sharing a moment, replies are not required. :sexywink:

Why did you. -Shea

The - ;~P - tagged on the end of my opener was meant to be a smartass grin...cheeky...having a laugh. No harm intended. Translation misconnection.

The remainder was something to possibly look out for the next time someone comes along and blocks your view of the ocean.
how can you tell shes pretty?

ha ha ha ha good point....

I like silouettes too and I can see why you're unsure about the image. The points raised by kundalini about the position of limbs is the problem with the pic....a shame you couldn't have asked to her to stay and pose, in a different position with the i pod and wire a good shot was to be had.

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