I'm sick


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Sep 16, 2005
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Strep throat sucks. Who wants to bring me some chicken soup??
No thanks. I have a cold and don't need strep on top of it. Besides that would be a hell of a commute.
I havent been ill in more than 3 years... so stay away!

hope you get better soon ;)
Well, I'm gonna go drag my sick ass to bed. I started an antibiotic regimen, though!
Here you are, poor dear:


Get well soon!
Have some honey, it's excellent for your throat. Get well soon...
Have some honey, it's excellent for your throat. Get well soon...
Honey! (and garlic)

thats what my mom would give me when i was sick. oh does that bring back awful memories!!!

get better soon, scott!:hug::
That's right - hot decaff tea with honey, hot chicken vegetable soup, and let yourself sleep as long as you can stand it.

Poor little muffin - get well soon!
My pak always said snuggle up to a hot woman - doesn't cure anything . . .but sure helps to forget the symptoms.
Hope you still feel better. We have a D & V virus rampant in the UK - closed hospital wards and restricted visiting in others so am staying well clear of crowds. They are talking in millions sick with it.
Thanks, guys! I'll be the first to admit that I'm a total weenie when I'm sick. :p

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