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    I am fairly new to TPF, I read the above rules and guidelines so I hope this is okay.

    I created a web application (2 years ago) originally targeted to Landscape Designers to upload designs/plans thru the use of thier Control Panel - I have expanded it to include a jobsite portfolio area - users can upload some pictures+text of thier jobsite and it will format a cookie-cutter page for them
    and it also automatically creates an index page

    QUESTION: would this be of any use to you Professional/Amateur Photographers

    If anyone is interested in using this for FREE and providing me feedback of likes/dislikes it would be much appreciated

    the website is - you can PM me and I will setup the free acc for you, then reply back with the information OR you can click the Subscribe - fill out your info - select payment option - DO NOT complete the payment option - just close the browser window - I will reply back to you with the information

    any info appreciated



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