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Sep 4, 2007
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Melbourne, Australia
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hi guys,

Thanks to your advise I purchased the canon 50mm f1.4 and I'm really noticing the difference between my 50mm 1.8.

I just purchased the Hoya pro1d UV(0) filter and I noticed after a comparison, the pictures were noticeably sharper.

Has anyone experience similar results with other filters?
well UV filters dont really enhance the image as much as they do protect your lens. The lens does most of the protection against the UV rays but i dunno could be someone else could probably tell you better than me=]
UV filters by their very design cannot sharpen a photograph, they should be optically invisible and just filter out UV rays (likely only very little at that).

I would have to say that you made a sharper picture the second time around after putting on the filter. It's is likely more to your credit than the filter's.

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