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Immature Northern Cardinal

Amazing - the water stream looks like glass.
Very good shots, the right place at the right time ... :icon_biggrin:
Jeff, thanks.

Amazing - the water stream looks like glass.
Thanks, Ed. I have the water feature where I want it currently. I love the rock fountain.
Wonderful! First one nominated for POTM.
Thank you very much, Jeff.
Lovely shots! Sweet little juvenile female from the looks of it. Nicely framed.
Thank you, Terri.
Stunning shots and fantastic composition! Love the "gargle" on No.2!! Really lovely moment captured
Well done!

I like the idea of creating an attraction for the birds.
Feeding the birds really isn't a thing here like it was in NY.
But we did put up a birdbath and that got lots of action late in the dry season when water was scarce.
Nice catch!

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