In about 15 minutes from now...


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Feb 1, 2004
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...we theoretically could see a partial eclipse of the sun (if I were in Turkey or so I could see it all), and what is happening? "A low pressure area will cross the north or Germany during the day with lots of clouds and heavy rain". :roll: Dang!
FYI, its sunny and clear in Auckland, New Zealand, but i'll need to drink to alot of carrot juice to see this eclipse :mrgreen:
I was outside, staring south, trying to at least get an IDEA of where the sun might be (in 1999 we also had many clouds, but they actually helped me to see the circle of the sun and the "clipped off" edge) --- no idea where even to localise it, other than that it must be south somewhere at this time of the day. All that happens is that I get very wet and all I see are thick grey clouds moving fast. Moving fast? Should I go have another look maybe???
hmm i know i've been wondering if i'll be able to see it from here.. but i can see the whole sun... sunlight streaming into my room!
it'll take a while methinks

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