In Jest, USA today....(bear fight)


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May 9, 2012
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Anywhere we want! Just us And the RV
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I am not looking for any political comments please. I just thought I would give some a chuckle.YES! I know it's not funny what's going on...just enjoy the photos (hopefully)

I was patient enough and fortunate enough to get these 2 in a play fight. I also got a 22 second video. (D7000 )

I found a bear jam along a roadway and tried to determine which bear and where they were in the brush as no one had actual visual on them. That happens ALOT!
Someone stops, then someone else stops, and bam...20-50 cars pull over and no one has seen anything..

But there were some Wildlife volunteers and Ranger here, so there must be a bear somewhere. With NO visual, AND this was #610, everyone had to stay IN their car.
I pulled over alittle way up from the commotion and gambled the bears would come my way.
More cars came and went around me but I stayed PUT and waited...
And then I was rewarded! Am standing on drivers side running board of my Tundra, door closed against my body, camera with 200-500 lens resting on a rolled up jacket and propped on my rooftop, I got them!
Maybe not perfect but I was happy, happy!!

These are 2.5 yr old cubs who are offspring of #610 who is an offspring of #399. 399 is the bear who had 4 cubs this year.
610 is an aggressive bear as opposed to some other 'roadside bears'. They are ALL wild of course.

And it's 'hump' day so maybe I can find some to make a new post later.
Congrats on being rewarded on your intuition and perseverance. I'd love to see grizzlies. I have been close, very close to black bears, but they have no comparison to these truly magnificent animals. I am so envious of you!
Just reminded me of this:

From the south on a wind in walked a cowboy
The saloon was dry but his guns were well oiled
Somehow he remembered when he kissed his wife
And when he said goodbye
But that was before the circus with the bear arrived
Oh the bear it roared as the gun was fired
Then the cowboy turned the gun on himself as he sang
"No-ones alive"
Do you believe in the Westworld?
If you're promising grizzlies I'll start planning my trip now. :05.18-flustered:

Excellent work and great shots!

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