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May 15, 2003
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Gilbert, AZ
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Noah has been in no hurry to walk. He took his first two steps about 7 months ago. I believe he hasn't really bothered to walk because he can get to where he's going faster by crawling. But he's walking a lot more lately. Just not on film... until this morning :D After walking across the room he was being a typical booger.. stopping when the camera began to roll.

clicketh thy mouse
Boy ...(he just popped right on up, didn't he?!? He's a cutie!

How great are they at this age?!?!

My son walked late because he knew I'd carry him whenever needed ... the smart little turkey! :er:
Extreme cuteness! I love it when they are learning to walk, they are so proud of themselves! Good job catching it on video!
Alison said:
Extreme cuteness! I love it when they are learning to walk, they are so proud of themselves! Good job catching it on video!
Oh yeah! He get's so excited. To get him to attempt some walking, I've found the best method is just to start going crazy. That in turn causes him to start acting silly and then he starts walking. The other day i started acting like an ape (not much of a stretch, i know) and he went nuts and started walking.
I've been waiting for this! ;) He is sooooo cute. :love:

Like I was telling you Chad, Steven didn't bother with walking till he was 18 months old! He did this weird Army-man crawl on his elbows for what seemed like forever. :lol: Looked awful, but it got him where he wanted to go.

Now comes the fun part - chasing after the little guy to keep him safe! :heart:
Voods...he's a cutie. He'll be sprintin' around in no time and you'll be wishin' he wasn't so zippy!
:boogie: go Noah :boogie: go Noah :boogie: go Noah!:boogie:
Sooo cute! :lol:

Must be something in the name! Our Noah refused to crawl for ages and we suspected he would go straight into walking.

Fortunately we didn't miss out on the crawling in the end! Now he's walking and falling over everywhere & chasing the rabbit outside! (photos to come later!) :lol:

Looks like it'll soon be time to move the valuables up higher & start looking behind you before you turn round! :shock: :lol:
LOL...I walk like that all the time. It's no biggie. I also crawl a lot too. :p

Dood he's gonna be everywhere soon, in all kinds of crap. I think bungee cords are pretty cheap ..maybe tack him to a lamp or a chair when you have to go make potty or something or else you'll find him looting your camera gear or worse- your booze cabinet.

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