In the cold light of dawn


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Sep 16, 2012
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kentucky hills
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I really, really like this....Excellent job.....
I like the composition. However I think the image needs to be straitened. Notice how most of the trees and the tower in the back are all leaning a bit to the left.
Most excellent as usual.

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Fantastic stuff

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I love it. So atmospheric.

Looks so... tempting.. No matter the sign and missing boards!
Thank you all, like the replies a lot. have a great holiday season. Ed
I absolutely love the mood and feel here - some REALLY great "atmosphere", however I do have a few nitpicks. I have to agree with Light Guru in that I'd probably straighten the shot a tad and I do find the soft focus on the front of the bridge (lower right corner) to be a bit distracting...not sure what/how you shot this, but I'd be tempted to try a smaller aperture and/or a tripod for a bit more DOF there. Normally I don't mind a shallow DOF at all, however in this case it really feels like things could be a bit sharper. Also...and this is probably a bit more subjective, but I think I might have tried a slightly different angle (or two) with this shot. As the viewer...trying to imagine this scene as you were looking at it thru the viewfinder...I think I would have tried moving to the left a bit (if possible) to bring the bridge across/thru the image a bit more. It's a very interesting scene, but I think I would have tried to let the bridge dominate a fair bit more of of the composition.

Just my own opinion...again, lovely mood with that shot.
Beautiful!! It gives me a moody, melancholy vibe. Well done!
Now I would be very careful about changing anything in this shot. It works because of the connection between the bridge in the lower left and the overhanging branch in the top right. Straightening the image may satisfy our need for order and conformity. But it would also affect how the two elements relate to the horizontal and vertical axis of the image as it is.

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