In the Corner, by the Window, Sits a Frog


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Dec 5, 2012
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:lol: Yes...yes, he does. I was expecting a real froggy! :heart:

As an aside...I want that window, badly. Dang.
You'd have to kill a lot of folks just to get in line for that window and the stand the frog sits on, and the frog, for that matter.
I would have probably removed those two lamps..

It wasn't my house. And, as a general rule I try not to get overly pissy in regards to comments, but what you offered isn't a critique, it is an opinion, and an opinion without explanation or further comment. It is very much like - WOW! That's great! What the heck does that mean? What, no room for improvement? Quit now as you are already a success? I don't know either. A critique should be based on the image as it sits before you, not, in retrospect you may or may not have done. In response to a part of the image it can be mentioned, but the judgment of the piece should include suggestions about composition - why you would remove the lamps and how their presence is a detriment, or how their presence affects the overall tonality, light, shadow, etc.

Just as an example, this is where the image started. It is exactly as it came out of the camera (RAW) as I walked through someone's house to get to the backyard where my niece's wedding was taking place. It was shot on the fly. To get from here to where I ended up required a certain degree of developed skills, skills I hope to improve over the coming months. The point is, there is far more to the image as per control of light and tone than worrying over two lamps. When I am commenting or working someone else's images, it serves two purposes for me: one, to see through their eyes the what ifs and whyfors...and two, to see if I can provide a measure of improvement. My work too is an opinion, but backed with reason, regardless of whether they or anyone else approves, likes, etc.

This vent, while in response to your comment, is not really directed toward you, but more as a general vent, per se. Give posters something they can work with if you see a problem or even better, a good potential. PM's are also a great way to communicate. I do quite a few of them.


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