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Dec 5, 2012
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I agree that there's no distinct subject in these images. I think they're good scenes, but I would suggest using longer glass and larger apertures to allow for greater DoF and selective focus to isolate a part of the image.
The first one is quite interesting. There is a subject, it's just not clear. I actually think photographers spend way too much time thinking about "subjects" though.

What I would prefer in these is more organization. There's no hierarchy, there's no grouping that I can see. The first has a bunch of stuff in the foreground and a bunch of stuff in the background, and they're actually pretty hard to visually separate, let alone sort into any kind of order of importance. The second one places what appears to be the thing most naturally accorded the greatest importance in the weakest spot, and in a grouping of midrange tonality, while the lesser stuff around is in bright and dark.

These strike me almost as exercises in anti-composition. Either ceeboy is trying something quite subtle that's going over my head, or he's deliberately defying some stuff to see if something can be made of that.
In the first image, the chair off to the right was cloned out and the image cropped to an 8.5 x 11 format and sold as the cover image for a Day Lily farm.... The second image has also been cropped and I will post both images later. Both images sold to the same publication.

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