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Incoming Bald Eagle...and her Juvi's


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Feb 25, 2008
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Geneva, Florida
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Went back to one of the nests I have located in my area.
Little Cold front passed today..so I got a few clouds...

1) Mama coming in low.....

2) One of the little guys getting ready for that big leap soon....

3) Siblings together..Guy in the back has been hiding on me! Everyone though here was only one in the nest!
How neat would it be to catch the moment they take flight for the first time? Great shots!
Nice capture on the first one.

I read on a website that they know exactly where every single bald eagle nest is in the US. Supposedly, there is one on the Allegheny River down the road from me, but I don't know exactly where. I've only ever seen a bald eagle once in my life.
EricD ---Fantastic shots! Nice job.

mrodgers -- I have been lucky enough to see a bald eagle three times, once at a drive through wildlife refuge in Galloway Twnshp. NJ. It was in such an open setting however that my husband's attempts to photograph it failed, as any little movement spooked it. The other two times were right here in PA on the Schulykill\Berks County line at Lake Ontelaunee. Unfortunately I was on my way grocery shopping and zipping past in my car as the eagle circled above the lake near the bridge I was on. My husband and I have hiked the trails surrounding the lake numerous times over the years and never seen it -- odd that it would be so close to the roadway rather than in the more wooded area of the lake....unless the fish are more prevelant near the dam the bridge crosses.

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