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Jun 7, 2008
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well snapped. I don't think the excessive "smart Sharpen" (or similar) enhances the overall look. What i mean is that the white edges around the house and the tree is a digital giveaway, which is better avoided for plausablity. It may look cool in some motives, but often it'll just reveal one's methods. Now that I take a second look I realize the possibility that the sky is actually "shopped" in. Well everything's allowed in my world.
Actually, neither. The sky is the real McCoy and I didn't use smart sharpen. I use Digital Fractals 6.0 for sharpening and I may have overdone it a bit. Most of the halo you see here (especially on the tree) is due to backlighting and a cloud right behind the tree and not due to the sharpening techinique, however. I think the horizontal gap in the clouds fools the eye into thinking otherwise.Thanks for commenting.
wow. i think i was fooled by the 1pixel gap between the sky and tree in the lower left corner. Seems very odd to me. Well I enjoy being fooled like this. It is a remarkable feat to achieve a seemingly unreal snap - which in the end IS real.

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