Civic, Night, Rain...


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Aug 9, 2010
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South Florida
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I captured this shot of my car earlier in the year on film (via my old Canon Rebel) and had it uploaded onto a disc. I had ventured out at about 11 p.m. during a nice little thunderstorm. I was actually pretty happy with how this picture came out.

i personally don't like it. just nothing special goin on for me. a bit bland.
It could have used a bit of filtering when it was made. It's a bit 'muddy' for a B&W.

I did a play to try and minimize the busy background that is also almost the same tone as the car. You realize smudging the license plate # is pretty much useless don't you?
actually there is something romantic about this picture. It is very true to it's time and style.

The edits is no good. Too excessive. I like the almost analogue look your original has to it.
I think the shot looks damn good, the original one that is.
why the big can?
so this is completely off topic from PHOTOGRAPHY... but I think the car sucks anyways. haha

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