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Dec 11, 2006
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I am sponsoring a contest to encourage thoughtful submissions, especially from newer, less experienced photographers.

The first - and only prize - is the a choice between a fine book on photography
"The Contact Sheet" and

a film camera to play with/learn on.
Nikon 6006 film camera
Super-Lentar 21 mm f3.8 (seemingly made by Tokina)
Nikon 28-70 f3.5-4.5
Sigma 70-210 f3.5-4.5
all in cosmetically good condition, all zooms are clean and seem to function well.
All aperture rings index nicely.
the winner will receive this in a hard case with foam inserts postage paid in the 48 states. Unfortunately postage out of the country is too exorbitantly expensive.

The submitter must have at least 100 posts on this site and must also have at least 10 separate posts of pictures for c/c.
(It will make my life easier if you send me a PM with links to the threads of the ten submitted for c/c.)

The picture(s) entered in the contest must not have been posted on this site before.
(It doesn't have to be a new picture, just new to TPF)

Exif should be either embedded in the image or, preferably, listed in the submission.
The picture may be bw or color, film or digital
The dimensions of any posted image should be:
if in landscape mode at least 1000 pixels on the long edge
if in portrait mode, at least 900 pixels high​
Whatever the submitter's general preference, by submitting the owner gives tacit permission for c/c and editing.
Pictures should be posted in this thread.

Contest will run until Sept 30 and there must be at least 5 submissions by separate photographers for the prize to be awarded.
Each submitted picture should have a title, altho the title need not be particularly pertinent. The title will allow me to pick out the pictures.
Multiple submissions are allowed.

If you would like to compete anonymously, send me a PM with a link to the picture and the other info and I will post the pictures in this thread myself as anonymous entries.

Pictures will be judged on overall impact, quality of concept and execution.
I don't guarantee a winner and I don't guarantee the winner will be what anyone else thinks.

I am also the sole judge.

If you have a question, PM rather than posting it here and if it is relevant and important to everyone I will add it, along with the answer, to the thread.
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This is pretty awesome!! I love watching these play out.
A wonderful thing to do, Lew. :thumbyo:
Added to original: i was thinking that perhaps people, if they are new to photography, were loathe to compete under their own name.
So, if someone wants to enter, they could send me a PM with a link to their picture and the other info and I would post the pictures in this thread myself as anonymous entries.
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You can also put a link to it in your signature
First time seeing this thread....time to start opening my eyes!
You gotta give people a chance to go out in the field and shoot. It's only been posted for 72 hours.
Maybe extend the deadline until end of September?

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