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Oct 28, 2007
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so i have a few questions. i have been practicing on sports with my kids soccer games. i think i have done ok with it and well the coach and 4 other parents do to. they asked me to do a few collage prints for them and the paid me. :D my first paying job... anyway. coach asked me to stop by his indoor skatepark and see about shooting some of the kids in there. well, even with iso cranked to the max of the XTi (1600) i was having issues getting shutter faster than 1/60 very very few actually turned out where you can make out the person. i am going to rent a lens and see what i can do and see if it is something i want to get into. my question is what lens? i am looking over my attempts and it seems that most of my shots were at 35mm with 50mm the next closest. so if i can drop my iso down with a faster lens i am thinking my keepers should increase. can someone suggest a lens? i was looking at the 24mm 1.4L and just croping what i need from the image. also, about flash, do you use it for indoor sports where your in the face? i would hate to have a guy coming up a ramp to do a rail slide as my flash fires and he loses his thought for a second as he is trying to get his vision back. all the while a skateboard is hurling toward me.
Use a flash, shouldn't be a problem. if people are aware that a flash is going to fire, they can prepare for it.
Off camera flash work well this sport

Can you give me a little more to go on. Where do I place flash? Are you talking about a rig that mounts to camera and has flash off to side? I'm getting ready to purchase a canon flash unit the 430 something if I remember right. I'd have to look it up again.
im currently shooting a competition with a rebel since my main body died the day before i flew out here. I can get even exposure under the lights at about 200, f4 iso 800 and my metz 54 set to ttle or manual it just takes some work. Heres a decent article
Four Flash Photography Basics we must know

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