Infrared Photos with a Canon Digital Rebel?


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Mar 16, 2006
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Ok. I have been searching and searching for information about this. So, basically what I have learned is that my film Canon Rebel K2 will probably fog up if I use the Kodak film, but will probably work fine will the Ilford SFX film. My digital Rebel I need to do what? I have read I need a lense filter, flash softener, tripod, photoshop, and what? I am so confused from all the other posts. Can someone give me some direction on what I need to do to shoot digital infrared? Thank you.
it's also possible to convert standard shots to IR using photshop.

I have a couple of actions saved on my machine but since i've never done any IR shooting on film, i couldn't say if the photoshop actions were accurate.

They seem pretty good but i have limited experience ie none, in IR shooting:)
Ok. So I have a the filter and tripod. What mode or settings do I need to put on my camera? All manual, right?
magicmonkey said:
How do you convert to IR in hpotoshop? I thought it was pretty much impossible...

So did I but i did find a couple of actions that convert standard shots to IR. I'm at work just now so can't access them but if you want to pm me i'll email them. I use PS CS2. Not sure how they work in other versions or if they'll even work at all.
I should add to my previous post that I'm not claiming the infra red action as my own - I found it on the internet so if whoever wrote it finds this post then let me know and you'll be credited where due :)
Nothing can recreate the true look of IR Film. Digital is a separate discipline, and I have never seen the results you get in PS anywhere near replicate the liik of digital IR. What you need: Hoya R72, Tripod, a RAW workflow program to touch up the white balance (WB is the tricky part), and Photoshop to do the color selection. That action is the closest thing I've seen to accurate, but the sky is FAR too light to be IR. Close, but no cigar.
I thought that digital cameras had a built-in IR filter over the it would be impossible to shoot IR. There is a model, the Canon 20Da...which was (maybe) made without the filters...for astrological photography I believe.

I've also heard of companies that can convert a DSLR to shoot IR...but the conversion is permanent. dslr.shtml

They do have an IR filter over the sensor, but it still lets some IR light get though. With a filter on the lens to block everything but IR from reaching the sensor you can get good results with a long enough exposure. I usually do a custom white balance from a picture of grass.

Whenever I get another body I plan on sending my XT here to get converted. After the conversion you can use normal shutter speeds, and can actually see what you're shooting (something that I find helpful:)).

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