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    last year i purchased a variety of papers to test, making profiles, determining what i thought i would like, etc.

    Recently two things have happened; one, i finally have decided to print on two different types of paper, and two , i started re-organizing my work area. It was at this time I took a good look at my storage space and realize i have a lot of paper sitting around that is not going to be used.

    I am offering the follow packs of paper, only those that have not been opened, for sale . If anyone is interested please get in touch with me off line at jaclancy1937@

    all of these prices are about 50% cheaper than the retail prices

    2 boxes of Harman Matt FB MP 8.5 x11 15 sheets $10 dollars a box
    1 box of Harman gloss 8.5x 11 15 sheets $10 dollars
    1 box Inkpress Cool tone rag 25 sheets $12
    ! pack of Moab sample pack 24 sheets $15
    3 packs of velvet somerset radiatwhite, 25 sheets in a pack $10 a pack
    2 packs of Innova soft -textured art 25 sheets to a pack $12 a pack

    all of the above are 8.5x11

    the following is 11 x17
    Innova soft texture Duo 25 sheets $30

    the following 13 x 19
    HP Hahnemulhle smooth fine art 25 sheets $50
    HP satin- matt 25 sheets $35
    HP matt canvas 25 sheets $35 sheets

    shipping will based on location and i will need the zip code of anyone interested.

    just as an aside, the canvas paper itself is heavy about 5 lbs and so the shipping is about 12-15 dollars, so it interested don't be surprised

    I also have two boxes of Red River sample kits #9995 ,however, this pack is meant for an Espson printer $10 for both.




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