Inside Laurel Caverns


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Jul 9, 2007
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I got this shot inside a place called the Laurel Caverns in Pennsylvania. Everyone in the group had a camera and was using flash to capture this... UGH right?... with no tripod, they thankfully had a ledge where I set my camera, did an exposure of 6-7 seconds for each one to capture all the colors. This guy next to me says "dang, that takes pictures without flash?!" :lol:

Here's my two best from the day. Looking for some criticism... thanks! :p

you will get more comments if you post the pics and not the links.

nice shots tho! love the colors and textures, the first one is my favorite. do think it would help to straighten them up though. keep making the most of your super camera that shoots in the dark!
No I do agree somewhat Williams, especially on the second one; has alot more red. Ill try toned down ones and post them see how they look. Thanks :D
Loving these! Tone down the red a bit and straighten, and you'll have a couple winners :thumbup:

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