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    So while we were living in Calgary, there were all kinds of places to get film developed properly ( never bothered to learn :grumpy: ). Back living in a much smaller city, you probably know where I'm going....

    When we moved back to N.B., I pretty much retired the Ashai and went to the K10D full time. Sometimes though, I'll shoot a really high ISO + shutter or just add Noise in PP to try and replicate that film look. Here's one of those :

    · K7 · SMC Tak 55mm · 1/640 · 800 ISO · full frame
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    And the flowers... Never, ever gave a rat's behind about flowers until I started shooting. Now, they are the first things my eyes go to when we go visiting / the local parks. Amaze myself sometimes how I care more about the flower shots than the sunset ones LOL.
    2 shots focus stacked on this one.

    · K7 · Sigma 28mm M · 1/60 @ F2.8 ·
    Uploaded with

    As always, any C&C fire away. Thanks for looking


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