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Inspecting open box equipment


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Sep 9, 2005
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Rochester, NY
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Hey All,

I just purchased a Canon 30d with a 28-135 IS USM lens that i have been shooting with all day!! Anyway i bought it open box and i was just wondering if anyone had any advice for double-checking everything on the camera to make sure everything is working good. I've shot over a 100 pictures today and tested several things on the camera (flash, different settings, etc.) and everything seems fine but just looking for advice. Thanks in advance and look for more photos very soon!
Seems like you have already taken the gear through it's paces. That's pretty much all you can do at the moment. Did you get some kind of warranty or guarentee? I've not purchased an open box so far, but if the dealer is reputable and you've done the deed of checking it out, no much else can be said except to ask if you're happy.

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