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Mar 25, 2005
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me being a little experimental :)


C+C welcome!
Peter and I never see eye to eye. I really love the look of the photo except the tint of the sky. To me it is to bright and yellow and is a mismatch for the ground. Excellent idea and capture but I would match the sky colour closer to the ground.

it looks like a different planet... Venus....
Thanks for the comments, you've all given me some food for though
I like the colors a lot, it IS intense.. lol

looks like a dude walking on mars somewhere... Only thing that

reallly bugs is that huge shadow on the left... besides that its like reallly interesting
I think this is a great outcome.
I, too, think that the shadow on the left distracts, but that could be easily remidies with cropping? Would have to play with it a bit to see which is the best shot. Great picture!:thumbup:
interesting shot... looks like it could be on the cover of a science fiction book... the dark figure walking through the scene makes the shot for me... cool image. :thumbup:
I enjoy experimental stuff, i like what you've done with this one, turning a normal shot into something alot more interesting, good stuff :thumbup:

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