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Jul 10, 2014
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I have discovered some kind of insurgency taking place behind the rear element of my 24-70. I don't know if its an insect or general detritus or both but I don't exactly know how either got in given the sizes.

Anyway Id appreciate if you'd take a look at pic 1 at postulate and or suggest a solution. Im tempted to go in there myself but for the sake of €/$ 50 would it begetter to give it to a independent tech repair, given that I haven't dismantled a lens before.


Second item is a manual Nikkor 50mm 1.8. Stops below f4 don't register on the cameras viewfinder, that is to say the camera show f0. Beyond f4 on lens f stops register on the camera as f1 up to f7, f7 being f22 on the lens. Question! If theres no electronic connection how is the camera reading anything?.
Yeah I would not be willing to dismantle this lens. Special tools and procedures with a modern AF-S and G lens, send it off if you want. My bet is you won't see any issues on your photos with that detritus.

Regarding issue #2; You need to specify the focal length and the maximum aperture of F1.8 in the SETUP menu under Non-CPU lens data since this lens is not communication with the camera via electronic contacts. It is using the AI metering tab (green arrow) on the camera body to indicate the correct aperture when connected to an AI or AI-S lens.


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