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Jan 22, 2013
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Does anyone know if there is an Intervalometer that is compatible with the Canon T3 AND the Canon 6D?

I'd like to have one now for my T3 but be able to keep it for later use when I upgrade to the 6D.
I use Magic Lantern. Free, and nothing to carry with you.
There is a beta port available for the T3 here: 1100D - Magic Lantern Firmware Wiki
Outside of that there are a lot of dedicated products for the job, dependent on budget. You can use the top of the line Promote, you can try the Pixel, or if you have an iPhone or Android phone you can get the CamRanger, which does a lot more than just an intervalometer. While the CamRanger requires their hardware to work (it's wireless) there are other apps that can be used via USB. I think the limiting factor for these apps is that I don't think anyone tests them on the T3, as most T3 buyers don't look for the kind of enhanced functionality these things offer. If you search for "intervalometer" in the Google Play appstore there are quite a few apps out now. Outside of Magic Lantern and other software/apps the Pixel is going to be the most cost effective.
Okay awesome. Thank you so much! I'll look into it. Thanks again.

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