Interview With a Mod: meet TwistMyArm!


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Sep 2, 2003
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Any of us who have submitted an image to The Photo Forum's Monthly Challenge knows the name TwistMyArm. He is the moderator behind the scenes who works tirelessly each month to assemble, organize, and post all the Challenge submissions for us to enjoy and vote on. But who is the man behind the curtain? We caught up with him recently to find out.

Meet TwistMyArm!

Good gettin to know ya better, Twist!

*sigh* I can still remember way back when twist occasionally posted in forums other than the challenge forum.
Cool to meet a fellow Canuck . Great interview. Nicely done Twist, and Terri.
Nice to meet you fellow Canuck!
Thanks for all your hard work in the photo challenge section! :D

I have to add another thanks to Dana. I have done a few of the other challenges we have other than the monthly photo challenge and they really aren't as easy as they look. There is a lot of time that goes into them before, during and after and I don't see how he can do it every month like that and we truly appreciate all of the work he does. :cheers: to ya bro!
Thanks Terri for getting this interview up!

Twister, thanks for taking the time to do the interview - thanks for sharing a bit about yourself with us!

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