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Nov 26, 2007
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I am 52 and live in Colorado and getting serious about learning photography since I just got a Pentax K10D for pics of our new baby mostly. I am going to take the basic classes at Wolf camera and study in this group. There is alot to learn. Although I rank well on standard IQ tests I find the amount of information to assimilate with photography to be overwhelming at time. I suppose I will bite of bits and pieces as I can and the entire plate will get smaller in time.

I post alot to a window cleaners group that I am involved in and sometime to the BMW owners group if I need help on the cars.

Should my new cameras flash not work everytime it is up? The wife used it today and said it did not always fire.
Welcome to the forum.

The flash will act differently, depending on which mode you are using...and not all cameras act the same.

The best thing to do, IMO, would be to keep the camera out of fully auto modes so that you have more control over what the camera is doing...then you won't have to wonder what it's supposed to do.

There is a lot to learn with photography, and I find that most people find it a bit intimidating at first but there usually comes a 'eureka' moment where things start to make sense.

I suggest picking up the book Understanding Exposure by Peterson.
Should my new cameras flash not work everytime it is up? The wife used it today and said it did not always fire

New Guy,
You are correct. You camera's flash will not always need to fire depending on the lighting situation.
For example, lets say that your camera was in Auto mode today. You took a picture in the shade and your camera said "hey, we need a flash" so it popped up the flash and it fired. You left the flash up and Next you walk into full sun and focus on your subject, the camera said "no need for a flash, it's plenty bright out here" so it does not fire even though it was up.
Now, if you put your camera in P mode and physically pop your flash up, it will think no matter what the lighting situation is you intend to use a flash and it will flash. This is a programmable mode. You have all the control.

Hope this helps!
My flash will not pop up by itself. The person at the store said the K10D wont pop up by itself but the K100D would. There was some reason I did not understand.

Thanks for the advice, I need to study the modes more.

Thanks for the nice welcome too. I hope to have fun. Some people in the window cleaning group enjoy my posts although most are questions.

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