Introducing Minerva


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Oct 16, 2012
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Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, UK
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Everyone, meet Minerva... by Raven Photography by Jenna Goodwin, on Flickr

I would like to introduce Minerva! This is the beautiful cat that I rescued on Friday, I found her outside my office in all the rain, crying, soaked and filthy dirty with her mouth bleeding.
Took her to the vets and they gave her the all clear and trimmed her overgrown claws. I have wormed her and de-flead her and it looks like she is staying with me!
Also, she is the newest recruit into the Thumbcat Regime as she is Polydactyly!
Look at those thumbs!
She is pretty. Our calico, Zoe, was a kitten when she was rescued from a storm drain outside our office. She also has the "raccoon eyes" markings.
Ohhhhh Minerva is so cute :hug::

And here is my boy Tzutzik, he asked me to tell you to say hi to Minerva, he think she is cute but since he is fixed there is very little he can do about it LOL

This is Zoe.

Minerva is purty!

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