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Oct 7, 2010
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Hi, I am new here, and just figured I would introduce myself. How about we go around the "room" and everyone tell what they shoot with, how long they have been shooting, and what type of shooting they like the most.

I shoot Canon, I have been shooting for about year and a half, and I like shooting wildlife and landscapes.

Haha... Oh man. Well at least your first post isn't "what camera is good?"

I'll contribute.

I have a Canon Rebel, been playing with it for about 8 months and I'm most interested in portraiture but rarely get to practice.
I shoot with a Canon 7D like to shoot drag races in motion stuff been going to the local horse shows for practice but its way different.

Oh, welcome to the forum!
Nice to meet you guys. I also shoot with a 7D.

Why is the thread worthless without pics? Feel free to post your fave.
welcome I have an Olympus e-450 I like to take pics of flowers anything nature and my 3 grandbabies one 5 and the twins 1.I just recently(last month for my birthday}got my Olympus so Im really new to this also
I will upload one soon Mike, not on my home computer right now. I don't have a website yet.
Welcome. The beer is in the fridge and the nuts are all over the board.
I shoot with a Nikon D5000 and I am brand spakin' new to photography....and addicted already!!!
its not hard to get addicted now you start looking at flash, lens, tripods,bags,and all of the other toys then when you go some place to take pics somebody else will have something you want.
Haha, yeah its called gear envy.

I use a 7D and do wildlife mostly, when I find the time. Welcome to the forum. Thanks for not askin which camera to buy.:lmao:

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