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May 17, 2011
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Probably not everyone's cup of tea. Let me know what you think.

I looked at this yesterday and I can't figure it out, I like it but I can't say why. I keep looking around and I know what I'm seeing and the black areas look wrong but work for me somehow so there you have it! I like it and I don't know why! ;)
Interesting, but looks a little flat to me. I'd try darkening the mid-tones some, mainly to darken the dirt and make everything else stand out a bit more.
For me it a very strong feel of scanning electron microscopy to it. So strong that even though I see the flowers and the rocks, part of my mind is working hard to determine what type of cell I'm looking at. I think like it. I've definitely been staring at it for a while. Must try to break away!
I kinda like it. It has your "chaos of texture" flavor, but has enough repeated shapes and variety to pull it together.

The shadows cast by the long skinny whatever-they-ares are a little intense for my taste, but as a kind of abstract I think it works pretty well.

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