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Sep 13, 2006
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Dublin, Ireland
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Ding Ding Ding!

05.15am - Alarm goes off.... I mumble, "Not now, not now...."

05.30am - Ding Ding Mofo! "Ok ok..." I get my butt out of bed!

06.00am - My Taxi arrives.... and off I go to the Cliffs of Howth

06.03am - 'STOP!' I explain to the taxi man I need to go back to get my torch as I will be up on the cliffs taking pix and need it to find my way!
(Also - it helps me from falling off the cliffs!)

I get up to the cliffs and follow the long walkway down to where I want to go... The path is pretty narrow and if I walk 2 foot off to my left I fall about 200 foot onto the rocks and the tide washes me out to sea and I am found somewhere off the coast of Africa. Also some seal has eaten my D200 for breakfast!

The first light breaks and I start shooting. I take some sun shots first, sunrise is always good.....

I go for the shots I came for, slow shutter water over the rocks, set my tripod up at the appropriate location and off I go...

Being up high on the cliffs, I had to use the 200mm focal lenght, that with the wind worried me a little... So I decided to move to a lower part and as it took a while the sun was begining to break....

The Bailey Lighthouse of Howth

Dublin Bay

I get to a lower point in the cliffs near the Red Rock end of Howth, the light is better but there is a storm moving in... I spot 3 sets of rocks in the sea...

I move in for a closer and better shot...

The weather breaks for the worse and the wind picks up causing the waves to batter the Irish coastline...

I decide it's time to go before things get worse... I make my way back up the walkway that took me 45 minutes to get down, and its all up hill! Anyhow I was lucky to turn around....

I was greeted by a similar sight like this, but my batteries had ran out after taking so many shots and not having charged them for 6 weeks! But I saw something like this, taken 2 weeks ago!

Needless to say my day started 11 hours ago and all those shots and editing from RAW took a long time, but an enjoyable day all the same....
Great shots Renair, I love them all.

Looks like a really cool sunrise. I have to wake up early too (for school), usually it's 5am. :grumpy:

But of course I'd be happy to wake up at that time if I got to do what you did!
Great images. I love the lighthouse, just awesome!

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